My First Blog Post

Testing times….

April 2020

life has many ways of testing a person’s will. either by having nothing happen at all or everything happen all at once

— Paolo Coelho

The world has changed considerably in the past few weeks. We have all been told to stay at home and for someone who lives alone, these are very testing times, physically and mentally. I love the great outdoors but I have to drive to the forest to enjoy the open space, At this point in time, the New Forest National Park is closed. I never thought I’d say that. My local beach is a walk away but there are too many people on the streets and access down a narrow path makes the 2 metre social distancing impossible to adhere to. So I have to make do with online yoga and bird watching from my window. I do realise that I’m incredibly lucky to have all the things I have in my small apartment, running water, internet access and food. There are so many people in the world who don’t have anything, we all have to appreciate what we have in our life and be grateful.

I’ve delayed the launch of this blog because I cant get my head around some of the features, I cant change the label from ‘travel’ to ‘blog feed’ and it’s not as perfect as I would like it to be. But today, on day 16 of my solitude, I hit an emotional low. Consequently, I’ve decided to hell with perfection, I need to get this out there and then I can have something to focus on and keep me busy, get my mind active and ‘put myself out there’.

This is a work in progress so please be kind with any critiques and comments. I just needed to launch this into the world and stop delaying. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Last of all, stay safe everyone and stay at home. This too shall pass xxx

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