Hello, my name is Emma, welcome to my blog. I’ve decided to post publicly so that I can showcase my work as a writer. This is a little place to post my ramblings, recollections and recommendations.

I’m passionate about travel, visiting places and meeting people along the way. It’s a small world and there are so many interesting things to explore. These days I’m more environmentally aware and I like to find and promote places of interest close to home. I will write a few anecdotes about past experiences and share some special places I’ve found on my excursions.

I also have a deep respect for nature and wildlife. We only have one planet so we need to nurture and take care of it. I live near the coast and the New Forest National Park, such a beautiful part of England, I am lucky to enjoy it. Many of my nature walks involve photography and a little research into plants and trees, birds and animals that i encounter, I’m constantly learning on my mini expeditions.

Health and well-being is essential to all of us. I’d like to share tips on how to take care of yourself emotionally, nurture yourself a little and keep your mental health balanced in a busy world.

I’d like to reach out to people who love the same things. Please share your own experiences and recommendations with me, tell me about your favourite places, share a recipe or tell me about your nature trails.

Southbourne beach, Dorset, England.

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