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This is an unprecedented time. Occupying ourselves during lockdown can be exceptionally challenging. Finding something constructive to do is not easy and many of us are lucky enough to have access to the internet to keep us informed and entertained. Here are just a few suggestions for some online sites to explore during this time.

If you fancy exploring New York, have a look at a great site with many links that will take you there virtually. Tour the Metropolitan Museum of Art, check out live camera feeds from the Wolf Conservation Centre and even listen to recorded music sessions in Caffe Lena.

If ancient Rome is appealing, have a look at it also has lesson plans for home schooling and which shows a very detailed digital model of the ancient city for you to explore.

Futurelearn is a fantastic website that offers many free courses on a huge variety of subjects from Shakespeare to biology, many of which are from the Open University.

The Aim Group offers more vocational courses, teaching, healthcare and hospitality, a range of 33 different options that are free to any UK resident.

Audible is currently offering a huge range of childrens’ books completely free, why not listen to a childhood classic to keep you company.

BH Live Active have a range of free videos for you to enjoy in your front room. Why not try some yoga, high intensity or even an abdominal session?

The NHS have also taken the time to keep us fit and healthy in our homes (as if they haven’t done enough in these past weeks!)

How about some craft? There are many available resources, I enjoy Fave Crafts, as there are lots of beginner’s projects and it uses things normally available in the home and they show you how to upcycle the old  into something new and useful.

If you are avoiding the supermarkets and faced with odd ingredients in your store-cupboard, have a look at sites that consider what you have and give you a range of recipes to create. I use which will give you some creative ideas.

Whatever you do during this time, keep in touch with friends and loved ones, stay in your home and garden and keep as busy and active as you can. Take care of yourselves and each other.

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