nature in lockdown

I rent a room, It’s a very nice room but it has it’s limits during a pandemic lockdown. I miss walks in the New Forest National Park but I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance of a seven mile beach. Unfortunately about 250,000 people also live within the area, which has made it difficult to negotiate social distancing unless I swing a two metre rope around like a lasso of protection.

The answer to this…bring nature to me. I installed a little window bird feeder and it took a month before I had a regular visitor. First came Mr Robin and then a blue tit, a great tit, a brief glimpse of a chaffinch and now, much to my amazement… a baby robin.

I have been cheered by these odd flutters at my window and then a larger visitor tried his luck…a juvenile squirrel. There’s nothing like the scratch of tiny claws on glass to wake you at 6 am. His efforts were valiant but he couldn’t gain enough purchase on the window to get to the feeder. So another part of my routine began. I had a bag of monkey nuts in the cupboard and I began to throw one out of the window and watch him scamper to fetch it. Now, when I shake the bag, he occasionally turns up for a little feed.

It’s really important to be in touch with nature as much as possible in these dark times. Make the most any outdoor space you have access to and enjoy it as much as you can. If you have access to a garden, no matter how small, make use of it, stretch and get some fresh air. Connect with nature, meditate, take photos and enjoy the sunshine. Hopefully, this dreadful time will pass and we will have free access again to the great outdoors. I will never take it for granted again.

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