Homemade Body scrub

Coffee and Orange Scrub

I cannot take credit for this recipe, as seen on Kirstie Allsop’s “Keep Crafting and Carry On” this week. It looked so good I had to try it and, as luck would have it, I happened to have all the ingredients in my cupboard. So here it is…

You will need:

One orange, some fresh coffee grounds, coconut oil, olive oil, brown sugar, a medium bowl and a spoon and fork to mix well.

Peel the zest from the orange and Place in a blender. I used my my smoothie blender as I don’t actually have a proper food processor, but it worked perfectly well. Put the chopped orange zest in a bowl. Add three heaped dessert spoons of fresh coffee grounds, mix well. Now add three spoonfuls of coconut oil. Use the fork to mash well, it’s solid at room temperature so it needs a bit of mashing. When you’ve mixed, add three spoonfuls of olive oil and mix again. Now you can add the same amount, three spoonfuls of brown sugar. This gives a softer consistency but you can swap the sugar for salt if you prefer a rougher mix. Keep stirring and it should have a gloopy consistency. This texture makes it easier to use. Transfer the mix into a very clean jar. One with a wide top makes it better to scoop out and use. It should last a week or two. You could keep it in the fridge but it will solidify a little due to the coconut oil so remember to bring it to room temperature before you use it. Enjoy!


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