Stand For The Trees

The HS2 development continues to destroy over 100 ancient woodland sites in the UK. We are currently in lockdown and powerless to protest in person but there are some things we can do to stop this. and send an email to your MP now.

Chris Packham, naturalist and author, has argued against the destruction of this land and fought the government to stop this. But it continues. He has made a short film to highlight how Boris Johnson’s speech at the COP26 launch in February was in favour of ‘repairing the damage to the natural world’ David Attenborough was in attendance and praised the government for taking positive action to reverse climate change. But now, behind our backs and out of site, the destruction has continued.

If you are a UK citizen you can take action by emailing your local MP. Watch the video in this link. It’s our last chance to save these woodlands. The government has betrayed us, they’ve betrayed Sir David and this needs to stop now before it’s too late. £100 billion will be spent that could be better placed in our beloved NHS or education, taking care of our population in an unprecedented time of international crisis,, rather than ripping apart our heartland for a train line. needs your help. Push some buttons xxx

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