Two Ingredient Moisturiser

How simple can this be?

Encouraged by the ‘Veganuary’ movement, I decided to make an effort to use cruelty free beauty products this year. I managed to buy some great products in my local supermarket, all bearing the little bunny logo. Then we went into lockdown in March.

I had enough of everything to keep me going until very recently, so I started to dabble with homemade products using the ingredients I had in my cupboards.

Moisturisers can be expensive and I’m not sure if this could out do the ones that guarantee to reduce wrinkles or stop signs of aging but it is really simple and effective so I had to share it.

Take three tablespoons of coconut oil and add one tablespoon of organic olive oil and mix very well, mashing it into a paste and whipping it lightly. This ratio works really well. At this point you could add a few drops of some essential oil to give it fragrance but I keep mine simple…OK I dont have any essential oils in my cupboard!

Then transfer the mix into a small jar or container. If you place it in the refrigerator it will solidify like a balm but it does melt when placed onto your skin. Or you can let it sit at room temperature if you prefer a malleable texture.

This is simple, absorbent and I use it all over, even on my face because it has no chemicals and is safe to use. Enjoy x

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