Looking forward to Spring

Planting bulbs for a splash of Springtime colour.

I am a novice gardener but there’s something about bulbs that I can’t resist. It’s that pot full of possibility, the buried treasure that will eventually blossom and bloom. The promise of warmer weather after the long dark winter days. It’s something to look forward to and right now, I think we all need that.

This type of planting is known as ‘lasagne’ method, layering bulbs to allow for the different growth heights and the times that they will bloom. It means that your pot will always have a show of flowers. This year I only have a small balcony but I managed to fill a couple of leftover clay pots and a rectangular container.

First of all make sure your containers have a hole underneath, are clean and bug free, to prevent any disease killing your bulbs. Then spread a layer of crock (broken pot) on the bottom to hold the water and slow drainage. Add a few inches of good soil, I used bulb compost because it was on special offer. If you have any blood and bone mix, a potent but natural fertiliser, then sprinkle half a handful on the dirt.

Add the largest bulbs first and then sprinkle a little soil before the next layer, staggering in between, alliums, narcissus, tulip, hyacinth and finally crocus. Cover the pot with a layer of dirt. Now you can add layers like this and leave the top bare but I have a slightly different method.

This year I only had tulips and narcissus, so I completed a layer and left a couple of gaps…

Then I completed the round pots with a mix of scented stocks and blue winter pansies. The rectangular container has a cyclamen and a couple of stocks and pansies on top. This should keep the colour going all over the winter months and then in the spring I’ll see the tulips and narcissus.

I enjoyed the process, out on the balcony in the fresh air, so for a few pounds it was worth the effort.. As I said, I am a novice in the garden and I really hope these pots provide a bit of colour on the grey days of winter and a flourish of flowers in the Spring.

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