‘Just My Luck’ by Adele Parks

For fifteen years Jake and Lexi have played the same six lottery numbers with their friends, the Pearsons and the Heathcotes. They have all sat and discussed how they would spend the cash, the possible outcomes and the usual hopes and dreams for a big win. Then one weekend, the group is divided, someone hides the truth and the numbers come up. Jake and Lexi now have a winning ticket worth a huge, life changing amount of money, but their friends will do anything for a piece of it.

Adele Parks explores life, love, friendship and betrayal with her hallmark cast of wholly unlikeable characters. I found this story quite uncomfortable reading, but it is well written and delivered with Parks’ usual style and pace. Definitely one to discuss with a fellow book lover. I listened to part of this novel on audiobook and it was enjoyable, even if some of the narrators took a few chapters to warm up.

Published by HQ ISBN 0008284695

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