‘Shearwater’ by Roger Morgan- Grenville

I am a novice birder, new to the study of our feathered friends. Reading something that revolves around one particular bird was a little daunting, but ‘Shearwater’ is a lot more than a book about a bird. Roger Morgan-Grenville takes us through his early encounters with this seabird, way up and around the Hebridean Islands of Scotland, across the years and miles to the other side of the world. In between, we are treated to recollections to a life of travel and a cast of characters who fill each page with charm and wisdom.

Yes, there were facts about the Manx Shearwater, and now know more about their stiff-winged flaps and glides, lengthy migration and nesting in burrows. It’s a bevy of facts and figures about a little appreciated, greatly overlooked bird, woven into a memoir or is it a memoir woven into a factual book about a bird? Either way, Morgan-Grenville pulls you into his life, his passions and his ornithological journey, this easy style of prose keeps you reading.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing a proof copy in return for my review.

One Comment

  1. Sharon

    Sounds like my kind of book, sadly there was a story early this week about scientists finally establishing the cause of death for a mass die off of shearwaters, the answer was starvation. Life is not easy for migratory birds.


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