Resolutions – meh!

By now you will be tired of hearing the old clichés, new year, new start, new you etc. My inbox is bursting with offers and opportunities to sign up, start afresh, wipe the slate clean. There’s a pressure at this time of year to rejig your life, reinvent yourself and morph into some kind of superhuman. However, after two years of living in this ever changing Covid landscape, I don’t have the energy for traditional resolutions. Who does?

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There are alternatives.

Make a ‘Ta-Da’ list of things you have achieved in 2021. Anything, big or small, simple or complicated, they are all accomplishments that need to be acknowledged. After all, this has not been an easy time for anyone. Pat yourself on the back.

Make a list of things to accomplish this year. It could be anything but it should be a loose list, a flexible list, the kind of list you won’t beat yourself up about if you don’t tick every box. A wish list is as close as you need, that way if you manage to achieve anything, it’s a bonus and something that enhances your life. You could choose a dozen things and then assign one to each month.

Alternatively, you can choose a theme for each month and concentrate on improving that area of your life; energy, finances, home etc. By focusing on one area at a time, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding and reaching your target.

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Create new, good habits by pairing the action with something you are already committed to doing. For example, take medication before you brush your teeth or do some stretches whilst watching the news. Pairing habits can be helpful, adding to your established routine and giving you less chance to forget.

If you like to monitor your progress, keep tabs on your success. Create a visual chart that shows your daily or weekly achievements. Kids love star charts, adults can like them too!

The most important thing is to treat yourself with kindness, don’t berate yourself if you can’t complete something. Tomorrow is another day and there’s always next month… or even next year. 🙃

Happy 2022 everyone!

Emma x

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