‘Find Me’ by André Aciman

The sequel to ‘Call me By Your Name’ left me with a warm glow of bibliophilic satisfaction.

This novel picks up many years after the story of Elio and Oliver. Samuel takes a train from Florence to Rome to visit his son Elio. Reminiscent of a classic Cary Grant manoeuvre, he meets the very young and vibrant Miranda, the mutual spark of attraction is electric. Their fast-paced love story is juxtaposed with Elio’s. Now a classical pianist, he’s contemplating a burgeoning relationship with an older man. There are reflections and reasonings around his first love, Oliver, just enough to let you know the significance of their affair.

Aciman’s world is one where speed dating could never exist. Every character knows with canyon-deep certainty, this is ‘the one’ instantly. They casually slip into eloquent conversations, drawing you into their intimate and honest depths. Miranda and Samuel buy mugs and ponder matching tattoos within hours of meeting. I listened to part of this on audiobook, it felt like eavesdropping on a delicious encounter.

If you never read ‘Call me By Your Name’ (2007) then the film is a fitting tribute to the book and well worth a watch. No spoilers here. As a stand alone novel, this was beautifully rounded with romantic settings, memorable characters. Most importantly, it gave me a great sense of satisfaction at the end.

Published by Faber and Faber ISBN 0571356508

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